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        The current position: the home page > About YumuQ >Company ProfileCompany Profile

        Company History 2009-2015

        The predecessor of Shandong YumuQ Sports Leisure Co,Ltd is a FACTORY, named Ruite Sports Leisure Co.Ltd, established in 2009, and we are specialized in production for all NEOPRENE related products. NEOPRENE material are widely used & welcomed in a lot industries, especially for Fitness Industry, Body Building, Surfing & Diving, Beach & Promotional Gifts.

        During this period, we are honored to produce for a lot famous licnesed brands, such as Basspro Shops, John Deere, Browning, Realtree, Mossy Oak, Ed-Hardy, Buck Commander, Duck Commander, NCAA, NFL, Blavod, Heineken, TKO Sports, ATF Sports, Pro-X Sports, Speedo, AVON and so on. 

        Not just the good production experience, our team become more and more professional in communication service, logistics delivery and the marketing on Alibaba.

        Company Future 2016---2020

        Time come to 2016, the new trading company "Shandong YumuQ Sports Leisure Co.,Ltd" are established for our new strategic business development direction. As factory, we only can work as the supplier for NEOPRENE products, but we are ready to supply One-Stop solution for below listed directions:

        A. Happy Slimming & Body Building

        B. Happy Surfing & Diving

        C. Happy Yoga Sports

        D. Happy Beach Holiday

        E. Happy Travel Family

        As you can see, 


        strategic development direction


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